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CCTV Twisted Pair Transmission

Smart twisted pair transmission products are designed for CCTV signal transmission over Transmission
unshielded twisted pair wire(CAT5 network cable). CCTV Twisted Pair
Passive Series

Passive Video Transceiver ( no power required), transmission range color 300 meters via
CAT5 UTP Cable.

Single Channel
Mini Video Transceiver
• BNC male to screw terminal for easy connection.
• Blister Card Package 10pcs in one blister card
Mini Video Transceiver with 10cm Mini Coax Cable
• Identical to TTP111VE, but with 10cm mini coax cable for easy
mounting behind DVR.

Video Transceiver BNC Male to RJ45 Female
• BNC male to RJ45 female.

Video Transceiver BNC Male to Terminal Block
• BNC male to 2 pin terminal Block.
*TTP111VF Video Transceiver F Male to Terminal Block

Video Transceiver Built in Surge Protector
Surge Protection
• Identical to TTP111VT, built in surge protection.

Video Transceiver with 18cm Retractile Cord
• Weatherproof IP65.
• Perfect for camera with pan-tilt turning device.


Video Transceiver with 25cm Mini Coax Cable
• Weatherproof IP65.
• Compact size and pigtail could be mounted multi units behind DVR.

Video Transceiver with Extra interference Rejection
• Identical to TTP111VL, but built in a highly balanced mode of video transmission, which is immune to
interference from these, and other sources of noise: Data signals, other video signals, nearby power,
ringing telephones, fluorescent lights, transformers, and more...
• Perfect work with DVR to immunity DVR interference.
*Specification subject to change without notice. 1-888-GO2-CCTV(462-2288) HTTP://WWW.FORESIGHT-CCTV.COM
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